Focused on the Audio Industry

Dedicated to the audio industry with rich experience and professional knowledge since 2015.


Diverse audio products

Leading provider of XMOS MCU and chips. Representing more than 10 reliable audio product lines.


Technical Expertise

We provide sophisticated solutions with personalized value-added services.


 Audio Chip Supplier and Audio Solution Expert





To to make sound quality no longer expensive and support the development of AI industry.



Shenzhen Pawpaw Electronic Technology Co., ltd, was set up in October 2015 and based in Shenzhen, China. We specialize in Hifi audio, microphone arrays, Alot and other fields, providing complete and reliable customized audio solutions.


Pawpaw electronics is the largest provider of XMOS in the Chinese market. Our familiarity with XMOS technology makes us a leading  provider of solutions in the audio field.


We have established partnership with Neutrik and its subsidiary brand Rean since 2021. As an industry-standard setter, Neutrik provides outstanding quality in everything from audio interfaces to connectors. Meanwhile, Rean specializes in offering reliable and cost-effective smart connection solutions.


We have a technical team including FAE, AE, R&D to providing complete solutions and good service, which brings more convenience for customer audio products.

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